Warehouse Line Marking

Warehouse line marking refers to the painted surface with designated notices and areas. Any visitor and workers you may have in the warehouse are made to use the notices. Any difference in the line made in warehouses come from the type of paints used and the efficiency in getting the work done. The only difficulty found is when you have to clear certain areas while the work goes on and whilst it is drying.

Line Markers
This refers to tools and materials used to mark lines in a warehouse. For example, the ‘PermaStripe' markers can be used. The markers have a diameter of 430mm made from a self-adhesive plastic film, semi-rigid and available off the shelf in a range of many languages and prints. There is a smooth ‘PermaStripe' which is easier to clean and more attractive.

Line Marking Machines
We have the Graco LineLazer ES1000 and the LL 130 HS Line marking machine. Another mostly used machine is the LL V 5900 Line marking Machine. The three machines are commonly used to mark warehouses.

Warehouse Line Marking Advantages for Management
First, the safety of workers is guaranteed. The workers and visitors enjoy the opportunity to go above and beyond the standards required of the warehouse. Then, the management can use this line marking to maximize the workspace. Line marking marks out the storage space. Also, shows the loaded are for trucks and Lorries.

Warehouse Marking Money Benefits
Efficient floor plan saves money in the long – run. This is because the easier and faster workers get things done the more products can be produced by the warehouse. In the future, the warehouse owner can be making and saving money for a floor plan that is well organized. A well-marked warehouse helps with health and safety. It is a priority need to be thought of and get incorporated into floor plans.


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